“I donated my kidney & got fired”

OK, now, really — that’s the Daily News headline today. It’s a wee little story. But if its essence holds up, this must be the worst firing of the decade:

A Long Island woman who was fired after donating a kidney to help her ailing boss is seeking her own pound of flesh from her former employers at Atlantic Automotive Group.

Deborah Stevens has filed a discrimination lawsuit in Long Island Federal Court that says Atlantic Automotive Group and her former boss, Jacqueline Brucia, violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Brucia, 62, moved up on the transplant list and received a kidney after Stevens agreed to donate her kidney, which went to someone else. Stevens, 48, says Atlantic refused to accommodate her after she had post-operative complications in 2011. Atlantic’s lawyer John Kelly denied the claims.

— John  Marzulli

Oh do I want the full story.

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