I don’t know much about weather but I can spot clouds

Something may be happening on the Upper West Side, or, rather, in the West Side sky over 74th Street and some parts north. I don’t know how far north this happening may go because I can’t see further than 74th Street from my windows.

The hourly weather report says, “Partly cloudy,” and that is correct. Along with some large white clouds, there have been patches of brilliant blue sky…but hold on. The hourly weather report now says “Cloudy.” And that is correct, too.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you.

Every afternoon, no matter what the weather report, there are dark clouds hovering over the aforementioned part of the Upper West Side, the part I can see. Always.

The dark clouds look like rain. But it doesn’t rain. And those dark clouds are almost always there.

There have been minutes when I wondered whether some old building up here was using an incinerator and what I’m therefore seeing is smoke. Or maybe some old building is on fire at the same time every afternoon, but I never hear the sirens of fire engines and oh boy are there sirens to be heard where I live. Which is on the express route to a major hospital complex.

I must go out right now to drop off and pick up. I’m quite sure there will be no rain. So what are those clouds doing in that one specific part of the sky?

That was yesterday. In total disclosure I must tell you today the sky is brilliant blue. There is not a cloud anywhere.

I’m sure you’re thrilled to hear this.

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