I don’t know what scares you but this scares me

From 538 Significant Digits:

90 super nests

Super nests — colonies that can be home to more than 15,000 wasps — are proliferating in Alabama thanks to warmer winters. Typically, there are only one or two seen each year in the summer. This year, the number is expected to approach 90, according to an entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. “With our climate becoming warmer, there might be multiple surviving queens producing more than 20,000 eggs each,” the entomologists told the Times. [The New York Times]

(Warning: do not click on the New York Times link. There are big photos, in color.)

On the other hand, back when we all heard that killer bees were migrating north in a hurry and that terrified me…

And there was that scare about kudzu, also migrating north in a hurry…


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