I found a new lawyer for Trump!!!

Well, it wasn’t really me who found him. It was Kevin Underhill, in one of his factual legal stories which he is joyous about relating in his blog, Lowering The Bar.

Take a look and if any of you is in touch with Trump, you might think about a recommendation here. This guy — even if he loses his license to practice law — is right up Trump’s alley.

Also in trouble was a lawyer who demanded $245,000 to settle a claim, an amount he said was necessary to compensate his client for past injuries and “future pain and physical limitations” that would “likely” include “significant arthritis.” In fact, he knew future harm was not at all likely, says the state bar, because that client had died of unrelated causes nine months before. The complaint quotes an email the lawyer received two days before making the demand, telling him that “[t]he client is dead so we cannot contact him directly.” (I assume efforts to contact him indirectly also failed.) The defendant’s insurer agreed to pay $60,000, but changed its mind after learning the truth. The complaint alleges the lawyer violated ethics rules by lying and by negotiating a settlement “without [the client’s] authority because he was deceased.”

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