I found my yoghurt!!!

How many times have I…well, I don’t want to use the word “whine” here, but something like “whine” does apply to my occasional reports on the one-full-year desperate pursuit of the sine qua nons of my edible life here on the Upper West Side, where I am now ensconced. After de-esconcing myself from the West Village.

That above paragraph doesn’t parse. It doesn’t scan. It doesn’t even hold together. Blame it on my excitement because…

What I’m trying to say is ZABAR’S SELLS CABOT’s GREEK-STYLE YOGHURT! I will no longer need to travel miles to find those quarts upon which my breakfast oatmeal depends. So rich, so delish, so thick it’s like Devon cream…

And now those lovely little quarts are available to me a mere six blocks north.

I am so happy. Thank you, Zabar’s.

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