I get a lot of phone calls…

…I don’t pick up. If I don’t know the number or identity, I don’t answer.

My figuring is, if it’s someone who really wants my attention, that someone will leave a message. Which is, I think, what my message invites them to do.

Usually no message is left, demonstrating that the people calling consider themselves insignificant and not worth my time.

With one exception. On a large variety of numbers, I have received many robocalls from something (a scam, I’m sure) warning me in a nice lady’s voice that I’ve been informed many times and have received many notices in the mail that my car warranty is about to lapse. And I’d better call them back right away. Or else.

Once day I returned the call and pressed the button they told me to press (I’m ever so obedient) and got a live person, also female. I said, “You know, I’m doing you a favor here. You need to take me off your call list because (a) a don’t have a car; (b) I have never had a car; and (c) consequently I have never had a car warranty which could be lapsing.”

Wasn’t I being nice? Saving them time and money, making sure that one person they were trying to scam wasn’t dim enough to become a scam-ee.

They’re still calling.

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