I. Have. A…Cold.

I’m telling you this not for sympathy but to share with you the wonder I had when I realized it.

Remember colds? I haven’t had one for so long, I didn’t know what was happening. Allergies? No, unless I suddenly developed them. What was this business with my nose and endless boxes of tissues and coughing?

It wasn’t COVID, and I knew that from the minute I started feeling something. As I scrounged in my closet for a dust-covered bottle of NyQuil, that’s when it hit me.

It’s a cold, a plain old-fashioned cold and not even a severe one. For a minute or two, I thought of feeling sorry for the plain old cold virus that was trying to get a purchase in me, trying to make itself known as a substantial pest. What chance does this weak little virus have when I’ve had six vaccine shots in the past year to ward off COVID?

Poor little cold virus. Let us take a moment to…

Well, when you have a cold, you don’t feel like doing too much. But on the other hand, you don’t feel like doing nothing at all.

So I organized my rag bag.

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2 Responses to I. Have. A…Cold.

  1. Sue cummings says:

    Oh, Gnomse….
    I too had a cold jump out of the woodwork and settle in my chest….surprise, Susan!!! I mask and do all of the necessary precautional techniques in my classroom….disinfecting desks, chairs, computers, doorknobs, hands. My skin is raw from all the washing…but a COLD? A damn cold? How did THAT sneak through? But it did….and I spent the weekend coughing and sleeping…(and testing negative for COVID, which we teachers do quite often). Thankfully the cold went as fast as it appeared, and aside from a post nasal drip (which I’m convinced is hereditary on Dad’s side of the family) I am fine again….but, a COLD? What the hell! (P.S. My closet is now fully organized!)

    • Naomi says:

      Yes!!! I mean, not that I’m cheering on colds but this one did disappear fast. You organized your closet? All I managed was my rag bag. You are definitely the more enterprising cousin here.

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