I hope turkeys can fly. If not…

From 538 Significant Digits and I’m only posting it because it’s weird and maybe funny–unless you have empathy for turkeys. Although maybe even if you do because it’s not clear whether the turkeys themselves were treated badly, other than being tossed out of low-flying aircraft, bringing up the question: can turkeys fly?

Several extremely distressed turkeys

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the Yellville Turkey Trot to see whether it complied with federal regulations after objects were launched from low-flying aircraft during the event. The specific objects in question were turkeys hurled out of the plane for entertainment. [Kansas City Star]

But P.S. Let me not fail to mention this is another time when one of our outstanding government agencies steps in to do justice for all.

P.P.S. Despite the indubitable fact that the Kansas City Star published this story, I just checked: Yellville is in Arkansas, not Missouri, nor Kansas.

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