I just found another Akita!!! Name of Apollo

That thing about Akitas? Well, one just intersected with NFL football.

His name is Apollo and he is firmly attached to the Giants’ terrific left offensive lineman, i.e., blind side lineman, Andrew Thomas and his girlfriend, Ashley-Ann Wynter.

I can’t paste Apollo’s pic in here; I sneak Giants news from the NY Post, which I otherwise eschew, condemn and burn in effigy along with its owner, Rupert Murdoch…except for Paul Schwartz, the Post’s Giants’ beat writer. But I can attest Apollo has the happiest face on any Akita I’ve ever seen. He’s sporting a BIG smile and his eyes sparkle.

Maybe it’s because both Andrew (called “Drew”) and Ashley are both musicians. He plays the piano and drums and she plays piano, sings and writes songs. If I’m right, it means music doesn’t soothe the savage Akita breast. No; music makes the Akita a happy pup.

Now, Apollo is an Akita who’d definitely greet me if I ran into him in an elevator.


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