I know you’re drooling over Julian Assange news, so…

let’s thank Kevin Underhill at his LoweringtheBar for an Assange item that does not refer to:

  • a possible imminent indictment from our Special Council;
  • emails;
  • Assange’s role as an “investigative journalist,” yuck yuck;
  • Allegations morphing into indictments that he is a sexual assaulter/rapist;
  • whether he met with Paul Manafort and/or Roger Stone before the 2016 election;
  • other stuff.

No, today we have news that Assange is suing — talk about gratitude! — Ecuador, the country that has offered him asylum in their London embassy for years and years and years (actually, only six but it must feel like a century to the Ecuadorean staff).

Gather around, folks. Here’s the scoop, which definitely fits into the category of “Why sue and who sues?”

Fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange filed a lawsuit against Ecuador, saying that new rules he has to follow while living in the country’s London embassy violate his civil rights. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the first hearing in that lawsuit was suspended after Assange claimed he couldn’t understand his translator, which caused the judge to “call for a replacement fluent in ‘Australian.’” (To be fair, I once tried to have a conversation with a guy from Queensland and I had no idea what he was talking about.) Assange is upset that Ecuador is now making him pay for expenses like medical bills and phone calls, and requiring him to take care of his pet cat.

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