I voted

Yesterday I received my ballot.

Today, I filled it in, signed and dated it and hand-carried it to the post office, just because I felt like it. And it pleased me.

Of course, I’ve been reading and hearing about the further attempts to sabotage our United States Post Office by Trump-appointed hacks, and I was naturally infuriated. (Fury has become my knee-jerk response.) The Orders were to deliver mail within a fixed number of hours in a day and if mail remained in the trucks at, say, 5 pm…well, the hell with it. Just leave it there. No overtime would be paid to postal workers who worried over undelivered mail.

And remove all those mailboxes because, well, if mail isn’t being delivered, who needs the mail boxes? All they do is accumulate mail which is no longer going to be delivered with the USPS’s famous efficiency.

And also dismantle those high-powered sorters, too because whatever.

I read that mail was indeed not delivered, or delivered weeks late. I read that mailboxes had been yanked out of the cement and trucked away, and the sorters had been dismantled and then I read that a federal judge told DeJoy to stop this crap and put those sorters back together asap.

DeJoy said can’t do that, judge. They’ve been sold off for spare parts. Gee.

And then there’s DeJoy’s potentially criminal conduct; and the corruption; and the generally ugly personality of the guy.

So I started to think that, gee, maybe my mailman, Hugh, had been over-sanguine when he told me nothing of the above kind was happening in New York. No post boxes were being removed, no sorters dismantled.

But, on the other hand, since I posted Hugh’s comments in August, my mail has been arriving on time. I.e., my bills reach me in plenty of time, my New Yorker gets to my mailbox on the same day it always did.

Then, the other night, I heard Rachel Maddow (I think it was Rachel) describe the mail crisis in New York City. Uh, there is no crisis. Nothing has happened. And then she told us why. Seems like when the top NYC officials got their slow-down and destroy orders from DeJoy and his minions…well, they began to contemplate what they’d been ordered to do. Spent time trying to interpret the orders and figure out how to implement them.

Meanwhile, they haven’t yet gotten around to doing anything about those Orders. Quietly, the NYC officials just…let it all…go.

Passive resistance.

There are many stories about the New York Philharmonic and how they deal with conductors they don’t like. Apparently, this ignoring orders from On Top when you don’t like the orders and you don’t like the On Tops is very much a New York thing.

I am grateful. I voted. By mail.



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