If I’d been blown off a toilet, I’d sue. Maybe…

I’ve been so so negligent about posting lawsuit news. Yeah, I’ve noticed some things in both the Daily News and the Times but seem to be going through an ennui phase re oddball lawsuits. I’m sort of ho-hum, not this weird thing again.

Which may or may not be connected to tapping many picture nails into my new walls (“guaranteed not to harm your walls,” hah!), and figuring out what to hang where. Currently I’m contemplating where my mirrors should hang. (Mirrors are key elements in home decoration. FYI.)

Still, this alarming news from Lowering the Bar requires a copy-and-paste effort from my fingers, herein relieved from their hammer duties:

According to Courthouse News, a Baltimore woman has sued the city alleging she was injured due to work on a sewer line. She was on the commode, she says, when “suddenly and without warning and with great force and violence, the toilet backed up and she was blown off of said commode, knocked to the floor, [and] covered with filth and excretion.” I have questions about the physics of that, but if it happened I think it would indeed cause one to “lose enjoyment of [one’s] usual pursuits and pastimes,” at least temporarily.

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