If you think voters are nuts, here’s proof

From his reliably, often darkly hilarious Lowering the Bar, Kevin Underhill gives us this scratch-your-head true story:

Lawyer Indicted for Impersonating a Judge Is Elected to Be Real Judge

Nov 11, 2016 05:30 am | Kevin


Speaking of democracy, in Illinois a woman who is currently under indictment for allegedly impersonating a judge was elected Tuesday to be a real judge. The state supreme court had already ruled that Rhonda Crawford could not take the bench if she won, but she got over 74,000 votes anyway.

You can read the entire thing if you like, but really, isn’t this enough? To top off with a cherry the election?

And women of America: here I am fighting daily to give you stories in the American War On Women category. Why are you–Rhonda Crawford–screwing around with me and the rest of us brave ladies?

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