If you want to live “extravagant lifestyle,” better pay your creditors

It’s almost an entire Daily News page, and in full color, but that’s just an excuse to do a huge photo of Beyoncé in one of those extreme costumes she wears when performing, because the man who designed the costume, Ruben Singer, is being sued by creditors. Who invested money in his business. But he didn’t spend it on his business. He spent it on “limousines, dating service subscriptions, a David Barton gym membership and a 2012 vacation to Thailand.”

“Singer’s vacation had no business purpose,” the investors charged in the civil suit filed Wednesday.” What? We’d all better check our own tax deductions for those trips to Disney World, right?

So I say and so says Barbara Ross and Bill Hutchinson of the Daily News. And since their hard copy headline is SEW MUCH LOST: Bey designer blows $560G, we pay attention and read the entire story at Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show fashion designer sued by investors for ‘extravagant lifestyle’  – NY Daily News.

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