If you’re considering opening a restaurant….

…and are thinking about a name for it….

have some rigor in the choice, please.

I was listening to a piece of nice music playing on my TV-radio station called Music Choice (I have a lot to say about them but not now). I didn’t recognize it so looked at the screen as saw it was by Villa-Lobos.

I don’t know much about him but did remember he was South American — Brazilian, I was thinking, with a first name of Hector — so did the Google thing to confirm. And, yes, he was Brazilian but his first name was Heitor. (And I slapped myself for not knowing for sure he was Brazilian, given that I knew one of his most prominent works was Bachianas Brasileiras.)

Then, to the left side of the screen, I saw a restaurant called Villalobos, in Montclair, NJ. A Mexican restaurant.

C’mon, people. If I can check Villa-Lobos’s origins on Google, so can you, and if you want to open a Mexican restaurant, why not call it Carlos Chavez or another in a long list of Mexican composers?

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