I’m being warned to stay out of Texas

Want to know why? Of course you do.

Here’s what happened. On Twitter the other day, I read this alarming tweet:

Feb 18

Just happened, East Texas. Texas DPS Officer: “Stopped you for speeding. License & Registration.” Me: “Yes, sir. And so you know, I’m retired law enforcement, have weapon on me.” Officer: “So do I. And this is Texas. Everyone has weapon on ‘em. License & Registration.” 

Thing about Twitter, I’m almost compelled to respond to something like this, because it’s fast, it’s easy, it fits into my — what should we call them? Values? Sure, why not? So I replied to Mr Gagliano, whom it seems I follow even if I’m not certain who he is. I am certain this was my reply:

Thanks for this. I’m now making plans never to go to Texas.

Texas. That’s what I did.

Here are some of those responses:

Just in case you were thinking about coming to Missouri or Kansas, it’s the same here, lots of people with legally owned and carried guns…

Yes, we all pack with concealed carry. Stay out.

Someone called me “you people.” It was defined as:

“You people” as in liberal anti gun “people” that’s who.

24 hours ago

Oh and let me add to that list.”people” that believe a child can be murdered up to and after birth. And you want to talk about my guns? Girl bye.

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