I’m getting testy at the New York Times

What on this earth is Michael Schmidt talking about in his “analysis” of Merrick Garland and the DOJ?

Here’s the whole title and subtitle:

The continued revelations from the House select committee and the rapid pace of the Georgia investigation have left the Justice Department on the defensive.

There’s so much in here to tear into.

First, “sharp contrasts.” What contrasts? The January 6 committee and the Georgia investigations don’t offer any “contrast,” let alone “sharp,” with the DOJ. Because while news is coming from the committee and from the Fulton County DA’s office, no news has come from Justice.

So there’s nothing to contrast.

Aside from that, what the Jan 6 committee is doing, brilliantly and powerfully, is not on the same field as the DOJ. Although I don’t know if either entity sees it this way, I think the committee is telling a riveting story directly to us, the people, and telling it in a way that prepares us, gets us primed and accepting of what the DOJ will do — which is far, far, far more complicated. Far.

The images and testimony presented by the committee throb for most of us more than a story told in a legal indictment or a report. Moving pictures of what happened are not the equivalent of a massive legal document.

We’ve gotten to watch a multi-part violent thriller about the state of our democracy. What the DOJ is doing is compiling a multi-page indictment. How long will it be? How many counts?

So I’ve been contemplating not whether there will be an indictment but the size of it given what might be the range of this investigation. Does it go back to the events covered, in part, by the Mueller Report, especially given how entangled Trump was and is with Russia and Russian money?

The Georgia investigation is much simpler, from what I can see, than the eventual DOJ indictments. For one thing, the whole “change the vote” and phony electors campaign played right into our ears and eyes at full volume. And it’s a procedure concentrated on one particular state criminal activity involving the people who openly tried to get Georgia to change the presidential vote.

Schmidt is presenting a contrast that doesn’t exist:

The contrast between the public urgency and aggressiveness of the investigations being carried out by the Georgia prosecutors and the congressional committee on the one hand and the quiet, and apparently plodding and methodical approach being taken by the Justice Department on the other is so striking that it has become an issue for Mr. Garland — and is only growing more pronounced by the week.

“…apparently plodding and methodical approach…”????

Shit, this guy doesn’t understand much about federal prosecutions in general and really, in his tabloid-quality efforts to create breaking news about a problem he has invented, does not seem to grasp the range and massive complexity of this DOJ investigation.

Garland, however, does grasp it. And he has said it numerous times:

“This is the most wide-ranging investigation and the most important investigation that the Justice Dept has ever entered into… this effort to upend a legitimate election … cuts at the fundamentals of American democracy. We have to get this right.”

The only “issue” for Merrick Garland is the word “issue” written by Schmidt himself.

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