I’m in a state of high horror. I think you are, too

Can’t write about the hearing yesterday.

If you want language delineating our sense of descent into the abyss, here’s David Rothkopf.

If you need emotional expressions of support and rage, read any of the thousands of comments to any of the responsive Times op ed pieces.

I’m an inveterate optimist. While, despite the foofaraw in the Senate today (I’ve had it with Jeff Flake and his ilk) I am not optimistic about this nomination, and what I see as consequential desecration of what was our Supreme Court, I have optimism (if optimism can incorporate towering rage) about a couple of other things.

For the last number of weeks I’ve been carefully tracking the polls, not only for the House and Senate, but for the gubernatorial races around the country. I have no certainty about any of this — what happened in 2016 to Jason Kander, Russ Feingold and Evan Bayh still has me reeling over the actual power of Koch Bros money to buy elections. But, but.

Maybe the gubernatorial races are, if not under the radar, not speeding up in anyone’s consciousness. And usually I don’t pay a lot of attention to these races. But since Scott Walker (bought by the Kochs) and the Wisconsin GOP did their damage to the state, I’ve been paying attention. And since the worst wave of gerrymandering and voter suppression occurred after the 2010 elections and the 2010 census, I’ve been paying attention especially now.

Because there will be a census in 2020 and depending who occupies the state houses around the country…

I started to write down the GOP states in which the leading candidate for the governorship is Democratic but, well, I’m actually afraid of a jinx. So I won’t. Except to say if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at the sense of uprising in red states.



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