I’m mailing a letter. Checked USPS for rates. This is what I found

It’s a plain old letter in a plain old #10 envelope. But what I’m mailing is heavy paper so maybe it’s heavier than one first class stamp will pay for.

I have a mail scale. I put the letter on the mail scale. It read 28.1. I know that doesn’t mean 28 ounces. I suspect it means 2.81 ounces. But I’ve forgotten whether a regular John Lennon USA Forever stamp (.55 cents?) covers 2.81 ounces.

So I went into my bookmarked USPS link. I pressed a couple of things sending me to weights and things. And this is the first thing I saw:

What are you Mailing?

Hadn’t expected that — especially not cremated remains and day-old poultry. I’m trying not to imagine why anyone would be sending one-day-old poultry and whether that fowl is live or not.

Threw me off so much I had to copy it, leave the USPS site and come here to inform you. Now that you’re informed, I’m going back to USPS, where I will try to remember what I was searching for in the first place.

Bye now.

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