I’m thankful…

I’m nothing like this woman:

“Sometimes hard lessons are the best lessons,” said Katie Quackenbush, a Nashville woman who was sentenced to probation after shooting an unhoused man, who had been awakened by the exhaust fumes and music coming from her Porsche SUV, twice as he walked away from her vehicle. 

I’m not a member of the Norwegian royal family:

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway will relinquish her official duties as she and her fiancé, Durek Verrett, a sixth-generation shaman who has claimed he is a “hybrid species of reptilian and Andromeda” and that cancer is a choice, seek to distinguish between their spiritual activities and the royal house.

I’ve never owned a car:

Tesla recalled 320,000 vehicles, the 19th time it has issued a recall this year.

I don’t live in Buckingham, England:

Because of rain in Buckingham, England, the community board canceled an event on how to protect your home from flood damage…

All the above courtesy of Harper’s Weekly Review.

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