“Immigration Arrests Are Swamping The Court System”

Source: TrumpBeat: Immigration Arrests Are Swamping The Court System | FiveThirtyEight

I’ve been brooding over defiance lately–defiance of bad laws and the bad people who are implementing those laws.

How do we go about it? Sally Yates was in a position to do it, but most of us citizens are not. While I’m struck with the phrase “citizen nullification,” practically speaking I don’t know how it can be applied.

Many bad laws are challenged in the courts, and while I was hugely moved by the spontaneous appearance of outraged fellow citizens at airports where people with visas were being stopped from entering, I don’t know how I can physically stop DHS from their Gestapo-like round-ups of utterly vulnerable people–immigrants without documentation.

So this FiveThirtyEight article makes me wonder: how many judges in the backlogged immigration court system will become heroes by quickly releasing immigrants who have no criminal record at all? That’d be defiance.

And how can we citizens encourage them to do so?

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