Important: upgrade to advice about COVID and Paxlovid

I was telling my brother in law, Dr. Rob (Ret’d), about what I’d learned re getting an Rx for Paxlovid and he stopped me. “I wouldn’t give a prescription over the phone for a patient. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

A patient could be describing symptoms of cold, or flu which sounded like COVID but wasn’t. He said, “I’d want a positive COVID test before I’d prescribe Paxlovid.”

“Ah!” I said.

I didn’t really say “ah.” What I said was: that makes so much sense. In fact, I picked up a couple of COVID home tests a few months ago. If I get symptoms of something, I’ll do the test before calling my pulmonologist.

Dr. Rob has given me — and through me, you — such excellent advice on the COVID front, right from the beginning, way before vaccines. So, incorporating his advice with my pulmonologist’s: have a COVID test in your home and take it if you feel symptoms, before you call your MD.

P.S. I still follow Dr. Rob’s advice about mask-wearing and hand-washing. Wear a mask when you are in a store or restaurant, i.e., close to people you don’t know, and when returning home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds, even before you take your mask off.



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