“In Italian Schools, Reading, Writing and Recognizing Fake News”

Source: In Italian Schools, Reading, Writing and Recognizing Fake News – The New York Times

Maybe the Italians can send teachers here to show our students how to do it.

ROME — After reading the horrors in Dante’s “Inferno,” Italian students will soon turn to the dangers of the digital age. While juggling math assignments, they’ll also tackle work sheets prepared by reporters from the national broadcaster RAI. And separate from the weekly hour of religion, they will receive a list of what amounts to a new set of Ten Commandments.

Among them: Thou shalt not share unverified news; thou shall ask for sources and evidence; thou shall remember that the internet and social networks can be manipulated.

And bravo, Jason Horowitz for this provocative and entertainingly written article. (That first sentence will give you an idea.)

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