In the global war against women, the enemy sends a Goliath into battle

In today’s Daily News, Richard Cohen, a syndicated columnist who “lives” at the Washington Post, does us women a big favor. In his opinion column, “Rick Santorum, American mullah,” he threads together the similarities of the fundamentalist Santorum with Muslim fundamentalism.

Cohen is a man. So I didn’t really expect too much from him concerning my thesis — that the purpose of religions, especially fundamentalist brands, is to suppress and subjugate women.

But he surprised me, just a little bit. Here is his final paragraph:

But when I mull Santorum’s views on contraception, the role of women, the proper place for religion and what he thinks about education, I think he’s either running for President of the wrong country or marooned in the wrong century. The man is lost.

The column is scary. Worth reading, as we float down to the road to theocracy.

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