In the global war against women, women are fighting back

Today’s New York Times has this, by Susan Saulny: “G.O.P. Focus on Women’s Issues Alienates Moderates.”

It’s a solid piece, terrifically encouraging, and what many of us have been waiting for: women are rebelling against the insane antics of the extreme right wing, most of them males.

The last two paragraphs are limpid:

A rally for women’s rights in San Diego on Thursday drew Jessica Lopez, 27, a registered independent who said she voted for President George W. Bush in 2004. Ms. Lopez said her choice this year became clear amid the Republican debate on contraception and abortion. “This has really energized me, that I need to get more involved with the Obama campaign,” she said.

Ms. Lopez added: “The G.O.P. has never been so clear about their agenda for women. I’m afraid if we get a Republican president, my health will be up to their personal discretion.”


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