Intriguing Twitter exchanges among MDs

After the Alito news, once I was able to think again I started plotting an anti-SCOTUS revolution.

Along with my amorphous ideas about court nullification, I began to think about physicians.

I often think about physicians, usually for good reasons. But do you remember back in the 1990s when the Clintons ventured into health care legislation? And the money, i.e., political power of insurance companies trumped legislation that would have benefited all of us regular human beings?

Did physicians take a position on this? No. They wussed out. My impression was they failed to recognize the danger to medical practices.

Then there are the HMOs. When I first heard of them, I had one clear thought: “Oh, doctors will never let profit-making insurance companies take over medicine, no way!” It was clear to me insurance companies intended to engulf and, in part, devour physicians and suck health dollars out of physicians’ practices into their own coffers.

To do this, insurance companies had to sell the idea to consumers that our doctors were greedy, blood-sucking critters who didn’t give a fuck about their patients’ health.

But your insurance company cared. And they intended to take over medical decision-making from your doctors.

So did physicians fight for their and their patients’ lives against the insurance monster eating them up? No, they did not.

Let me cut this short because this is not what I intended to write about. Short: insurance companies are capitalists, i.e., amoral entities which do not care about you.

Oh shit, you got me started.

No, you didn’t. Alito did.

But he also got medical professionals started. Which is what I had intended to tell you.

On Twitter, the exchanges among medical professionals are about how far they might go to defy the Supreme Court and care for their patients. Would they risk arrest and prosecution for, say, assisting patients who have miscarried, or have ectopic pregnancies? Or who are at risk for carrying a child? Or who do not want to be carrying a child?

Will MDs risk their professional lives to prescribe contraceptive devices, products or medication?

I want the AMA and all other professional medical organizations to take open stands on this. This time, I want them to be defiant.

Last night, I heard a midwest prosecutor say she and a number of other prosecutors have made a pact not to prosecute anyone who defies SCOTUS’s and their state’s abortion bans. I’m hoping professional legal organizations and bar associations also take stands on this.

The way I figure it, the more people willing to face arrest and prosecution for defying a rotten SCOTUS decision, the better. Let them, let us, overwhelm any jurisdiction supporting this offensive, illogical, misogynistic crap.

A bad non-law? Ignore it. I guess we could call this nullification.

P.S. On the other side, the leading Republican candidate for Wisconsin Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, just said she wants to ban abortion with NO exceptions for rape or incest. She previously said women who are raped should “make lemons out of lemonade.”



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