Is accusing a guy of being a “dirty old man” age discrimination? Or…

A 68-year-old ex-employee of a Catholic nursing homes sued the Archdiocese of New York, claiming he was fired because of his age.

Source: Ex-employee of nursing home suing Archdiocese for ageism – NY Daily News

I read this article–which the Daily News titled in hard copy “Holy age bias!: Archdiocese fired me in ‘dirty old man’ smear,” and wondered. Because this guy who is suing the Archdiocese for firing him accuses a colleague of calling him a “dirty old man.”

So was he fired because management “accused him of leering at women on the job,” or because he is 68? What a muddle!

Am I being bitchy to mention that this guy worked for Archcare, a network of Catholic nursing homes, and the Church has itself filed lawsuits against the government claiming that, for religious reasons, they shouldn’t have to provide contraceptive services to their women employees?

Or is that discrimination irrelevant to this case, if not to American women?

There’s more, much more, to this story because a woman named in the complaint is younger, Hispanic and has a disability. Showing admirable dignity, she has refused to comment.


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