Is being called “fatty” and “Susan Boyle” worth a $6 mil lawsuit?

I’m asking. Just asking.

Here’s how the article by Barbara Ross and Bill Hutchinson in the Daily News begins:

 A Manhattan executive has accused her boss in a $6 million lawsuit of trying to give her a fatal brain hemorrhage by subjecting her to verbal assaults, such as saying she looks like Scottish singer Susan Boyle.

Laura Ziv described her boss at fragrance and flavor giant Firmenich as a menacing tyrant who made her workplace stink and caused her blood pressure to skyrocket.

Named in the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court was Herve Pierini, a senior manager at Firmenich, whose conduct, Ziv charged, was “beyond all possible bounds of decency.”

That’s all I’m going tell you. You’ll have to do the research to determine the answer. To the title, I mean. I mean, my title. The Daily News hard copy title was ‘Slur’ made blood Boyle: Exec’s $6M suit: Boss called me ‘Susan.’
(And what happened to Susan Boyle, anyway?)
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