Is marrying the key witness against you a conflict of interest? And other stuff

Source: Posts from Lowering the Bar for 09/25/2017

Ooh, Kevin Underhill gives us this dishy tale, which he entitles, “Indicted DA Tries to Prevent Adverse Testimony by Marrying Witness.”

In case you’re plotting something of the kind–or want one of those shake-your-head-and-laugh moments–you’ll want to read the entire story. Which begins:

On September 20, Alabama prosecutors filed a motion to expedite the deposition of Yareima Akl, a material witness in the case against Charles Henderson. Henderson, the elected District Attorney of Jefferson County, has been suspended and charged with perjury for denying he had an affair with Akl during divorce proceedings in which he was acting as guardian ad litem for her 10-year-old child. (If you’re wondering whether that’s a conflict of interest, the answer is yes.) Prosecutors said they were concerned Henderson and Akl were about to run off and get married, which would mean that she could then invoke the marital privilege and refuse to testify against him.

This was not at all speculative, it turned out, because they had actually been married for two weeks at that point.

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