Is our country bifurcated? Or what?

OK, what I’m basically asking is…what percentage of people in this country are crazy?

And by “crazy” — just so you don’t think I’m using coded language — I mean: what percentage of people in this country still support Trump?

Toward the end of How I Learned The Facts of Life, after I tell you how to get facts, not fakes, from the news, and then I wade into the muck of specific and repulsive fakery — primarily on social media — I offer hope. I get out my little calculator and plug in some factual numbers and here’s what I found:

We are not a bifurcated country. We are at worst quadfurcated.

Since I just read one of those numbers which drive a lot of people into despair and fear — 83% of Republicans still support Trump– I once again got out my little calculator to learn what precisely this number means.

Things have changed, yes, but for the better. We are now, as of Gallup’s May numbers, a quintfurcated country. If that’s a word.

Because, according to Gallup (which leans Republican but I think they’re accurate here), 31 percent of voters are registered as Democrats, 40 percent are independents, and 25 percent are Republicans.

If you multiply 25 percent by that 83 percent of Republicans who still support Trump you get…20.75 percent.

One fifth of this country remains nuts. The rest of us are planning to do something rational about it.


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