Is this a Carl Hiaasen plot?

I love the word “purview.” Say it out loud: purrr-view. You’ve got to purse your lips and make a snotty mouth move in order to say it.

And this little abstract is outside mine–given that it’s a criminal case and Sidebar tries hard to stand on the sidelines of civil cases.

But the story one can tease out of this abstract is far too intriguing not to offer it up here. Don’t you want to know all about it? (And don’t you want to know where the wife is currently hiding?)

Man Who Claims Cheating Wife Framed Him Wins Habeas Bid

Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal   

An ex-convict who claimed his wife framed him for gun possession so she could date another inmate whom she bailed out of jail has won his writ of habeas corpus at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


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