Is this an unfair food fight?

From today’s Daily News (delicious puns, courtesy of Robert Gearty who wrote the piece):

Would-renowned chef Daniel Boulud is making a federal case out of his beef with a Buffalo music club and restaurant.

Boulud wants the owners of Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar to stop using the name DBGB, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

It claims Boulud had first dibs on the name after he opened DBGB Kitchen & Bar on the Bowery near Houston St. in 2009.

Why am I thinking that YouTube should be picking up on Boulud, a four-star chef, flinging his gourmet meals at Pat Duquin and Gabby Alfieri, who own Duke’s, while Pat and Gabby throw their pub food back at Boulud.

Ya gotta figure Duke’s as the winner here: “Its crowning culinary achievement appears to be its Chix Cutlet, a Milanese chicken breast on French bread with roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and balsamic dressing.” Messy. In yer face, Daniel!

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