Is this the last class action lawsuit check, ever?

This lawsuit I did know about, since I’d received a previous check for it. And yesterday I received another check, for $8.23, from the American Express FX Fee Litigation Settlement Fund, Foreign Currency Fee Litigation Settlement Fund, Settlement Claim Payment. (That’s what’s written on the top of the check).

I’m going to my bank to deposit it. I probably should bronze it, though, since I have written extensively lately about class action lawsuits because they have been seriously endangered by the Big Bad Five on the Supreme Court. And I’ve written about a lawsuit I was, unbeknownst to me, part of.

This may be the last time I find myself part of a class of plaintiffs, the last time we get to sue a corporation for doing something bad and illegal to us.

And that’s probably the baddest thing about the whole subject of class action lawsuits.

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