Is Trump above the law? CREW takes him on in court

Source: Is Trump Violating the Constitution? In Absentia, He Defends Himself in Court – The New York Times

The defendant was elsewhere, stirring and twittering in his new city, his name rarely spoken — just the title sufficed — but always top of mind inside an overstuffed Manhattan courtroom.

“The president” is a businessman, the plaintiffs’ lawyer reminded the judge. “The president” refuses to leave the marketplace. This is hardly a fair fight, the logic goes, for those who are not “the president.”

“I want to address the government’s view,” said the lawyer, Deepak Gupta, “that the president is above the law.”

CREW is presenting its case in court. The best remark is the last one–from the plaintiffs.(I mean, this blog is called Sidebar for Plaintiffs, right?):

[The plaintiffs] might yet win. They might not. But the moment itself, Mr. Gupta said, was worth celebrating.

“It’s not every day that you get to argue against the president of the United States in court,” Mr. Gupta said afterward. “There are a lot of countries in the world where you don’t get to do what we did today.”

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