“It is sad.” What is sad?

From Harper’s Weekly Review, another comment causing me to think I need a new category called Stupid Abject Cruelty of Capitalists, Emphasis on the Stupid:

It was found that, among COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, Moderna has shipped the largest proportion of its doses to wealthy nations, in addition to charging some countries, including Botswana and Colombia, twice as much for doses as the United States. “It is sad,” said Moderna chief executive Stéphane Bancel.

I mean, how stupid is this guy? I know, maybe I should try to find the full quote but I’m sure Harper’s did, and I trust Harper’s judgment.*

*Nevertheless, I did check. Harper’s drew this item from a New York Times article, in which Stéphane Bancel did indeed say, “It is sad,” and then went on to offer some flimflamery about Moderna’s limited production as an excuse.

(Maybe Bancel’s English isn’t too good. So maybe I should translate what he said into French. OK, this I can do: “C’ést triste.” Nah. It doesn’t sound any better.)

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