It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!

I mean “stupids”: those of you who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for…reasons.

From DailyKos Elections:

TX Redistricting: In a major blow to voting rights, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled five-to-four along ideological lines on Tuesday to stay two recent lower court rulings that had ordered Texas Republicans to redraw their congressional and state House districts. Earlier this year, a panel of district court judges found that GOP lawmakers had intentionally discriminated against black and Latino voters in coming up with these maps, rendering them unconstitutional. But the high court’s conservative majority has now put the order to draw new maps on hold while it considers an appeal by Republicans, which could mean there won’t be a final decision until next June.

This latest delay—with new maps finally in sight—is particularly infuriating, since lawsuits over these districts have been ongoing for six years, and lower courts have ruled four times this year alone that these lines not only discriminated against black and Latino voters but were intentionally crafted to do so. But thanks to the very slow gears of justice and a conservative Supreme Court majority that is hostile to the very notion of voting rights, we may not get redrawn districts until the 2020 elections, and that’s only if the plaintiffs ultimately prevail on the merits.

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