“It’s time to talk to Dad about managed care.”

Said Rick Wilson today on Twitter. He was commenting on the horrible video clip of Trump at the CDC as he made proclamations about his own brilliance, right in front of at least a couple of physicians and experts who know stuff, and who know better.

Yes, it’s time. But in my observation, it ain’t Dad we need to talk to. No, it’s the neighbor’s 6-year old boy, a certifiable bad seed, who has taken over his own household and is now terrorizing the neighborhood.

I think Trump’s psychological, moral and intellectual growth stopped abruptly when he was 6 or 7. I say this because years ago I read a psych text which said kids start to develop a moral structure of their own when they are 6 or so.

Before then, they are adorable sociopaths.

My theory about Trump and the bizarre times we live in because of him:

He stopped growing before developing a conscience. I think he was a monstrous little boy — tantrums, screaming, vicious behavior to small animals and large ones; nastiness of all kinds — and whoever took care of him let him do whatever he wanted because it was impossible and/or dangerous to stop him.

But even then he was not intelligent. Hard to describe a child as stupid but I think Trump was not a bright child. His IQ is not high.

He grew physically but in no other way.

There are minutes when I look at everything that has happened with him in the White House, and my eyes and brain suddenly switch into an enhanced reality, sort of an MRI scan. And what I see is the White House staff, the whole Trump-selected administration and world leaders hovering around a monstrous child as if he were…something. Somebody.

The child has no capacity for knowledge, for advanced plans, for strategy. I feel for the thousands of well-intentioned, intelligent observers of government — journalists, pundits, politicians, lawyers — who find themselves describing this child as if he were a full-grown figure, analyzing him as someone who functions as an adult, even if an irrational, impulsive one. They describe him, diagnose him in language appropriate for their roles as perceptive, knowledgeable, experienced adults because what else can they do?

They can’t diminish themselves to his size, write about him, talk about him in his seriously limited language. How could they? We’d all be reading about him in “Pat The Bunny” or “Goodnight, Moon” vocabulary.

So there he is, the bad seed, a monstrous little boy whom everyone obeys because what will the child do if someone says no to him? What weapon will he pick up and swing? What outburst will he deliver to his mob of followers?

They are worshiping a monstrous child. The rest of his cabal bows over him obsequiously because they don’t know what else to do except to join in some sort of worship. They are fools.

And the sane, smart people in this country are forced to repeat what he says — he is president after all — critique him in language usually utilized for actual grown-up professional people because what else can they, chroniclers of our horrid times, do? They must make a record of this, must provide an accurate archive of our nightmare.

Trump should be institutionalized, yes, Rick Wilson. But not in adult managed care. He should be in a serious child psychiatric facility, out of our sight and sound. So that the rest of us can recover our normality, re-engage with each other and the world, restaff our government with professionals and experts. So we can progress into a future.

A real conundrum: it’s a waste of time to analyze Trump, yet Trump must be analyzed.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for someone to wrap the bad seed in a child-sized straight-jacket and take him away, yowling.


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One Response to “It’s time to talk to Dad about managed care.”

  1. Sue Thaler says:

    You nailed it, Naomi. Absolutely terrifying, and the only thing we can do about it is vote. And hope that most people are tired of being scared of the child/idiot in the White House.

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