I’ve been keeping an eye on Russia

Because, while Putin is continuing Russia’s cyber+ attacks on us, the Russian people are protesting Putin. And doing so in large, large numbers.

While I was reading this New York Times article by , I had a moment of wondering whether 2020 would be a year of revolution, as was 1848.

I ran into a quote from Artyom Aksyonov, a Russian protester, that seems deeply wise to me:

“When a person lives not knowing how things are supposed to be, he thinks things are good…But when you open your eyes to the truth, you realize things were not good. This was all an illusion.”

What struck me was this: idealism is built into the American character through our history and our governing documents. Ergo, we Americans protest because we do know how things are supposed to be. Which is not the way they are now.

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