I’ve figured out how to keep politics simple for all of us

No matter what criteria you use to determine whom you’ll vote for, there is one simple fact to apply to our political situation:

Everyone in, connected with or supportive of the Trump administrations steals, corrupts, warps and acts to dismantle our government.

And, most important, they all lie. I’d guess 90 percent of what comes out of their mouths and goes into their propaganda and their public statements is a lie.

They don’t try to disguise what they’re doing. It’s naked, it’s awful, it’s destructive, it’s sick, it’s non-human. It’s a rampage by crazy, stupid people who are in the minority and are flailing on the edge of some abyss because they are dying. (See Rush Limbaugh, their avatar.)

I could take up a lot of words listing the awful things they’ve done. But I don’t really have to, because every day there’s something that outrages us. Today, we have Bill Barr’s open seizure of what used to be the Department of Justice. On behalf of Roger Stone.*

This act has caused a career prosecutor to leave the DOJ… wait, stop the presses. As I wrote the previous phrase, I went into Twitter to copy that prosecutor’s Notice of Withdrawal, because he also put a sharp footnote into it strongly suggesting he wasn’t just withdrawing and leaving the DOJ, he was immediately walking out the door. And I just saw now in Twitter another prosecutor has left the Department.

Yesterday, I was kind of wondering whether we’ll now see resignations, whistleblowers and leaks out of the DOJ and its FBI and other agencies, where people are fed up and enraged over the destruction.

So, yes, this is happening.

But keep it simple. Anyone attached to this administration or supportive of it — I mean the entire GOP — lies. All the time.

They are villains.

Turn off the lies, don’t waste any time trying to determine whether or not they are lies — they are — and it all becomes pretty simple.

*By the way, don’t go too crazy yet imagining that Roger Stone is going to walk. The DOJ does not determine a sentence. Only Judge Amy Berman Jackson does. (And only the Bureau of Prisons determines where the sentence will be served.) This judge, as well as all federal judges, has life tenure. She will not be intimidated by anybody when she sentences Stone.


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