I’ve got some questions about eggs

I love eggs madly and deeply.

I love eggs prepared in any way at all, although my current personal preference is soft-boiled because they are the most intensely eggish.

I boil and eat two eggs every Sunday. Occasionally during the week I will sneak an egg atop a bean stew; it lusciouses up what it sits on. Indeed, I confess to eating the bean stew — and I make very good bean stews — first, carefully lowering the intact egg to the bottom of the dish at which point I gobble it up.

Sunday eggs are because my internist and I have been entrenched in a mild battle re something called cholesterol. In obeisance to her, I limit my eggs to Sundays (except for those I sneak in during the week).

Today, as I cracked the eggs into the bowl, I started musing about egg sizes and colors. Starting with the colors, why are some eggs brown and others white? Are they at all different in taste? (I’m sure I could find answers via Google but really do not feel like Google on Sundays.)

Are some chickens committedly brown-egg layers, or can they make a switch at some point in their laying lives? Specifically what breeds of chickens are identified with these colors? And I haven’t even mentioned the time I bought some eggs only to discovery they were blue. Now, how does blue happen with chicken eggs?

Did the blue eggs taste any different? No. Moreover, the inner eggs were just the same as all other eggs: yellow yolks and transparent runny goo which became white only when cooked. Given this, why did the shells have to be blue? What did the blue add to the eggs? Blue is just…gratuitous.

Now, I’m questioning egg sizes. Egg farmers package their eggs stamped with the size of the eggs. There’s a small-ish egg called something or other (maybe “medium”), then eggs marked “large” and then “jumbo” eggs.

I always buy the jumbos. Because I love eggs madly and want as much of them as I can get.

Which brings up the question: why would anyone buy “medium” or “large” eggs? If you like eggs enough to buy them, why wouldn’t you buy the jumbos?

I do have two friends who don’t like eggs at all but I’m not asking them this question. Clearly, if they were forced into buying eggs, they’d buy miniscule ones.

And while I’m at it, do the same chickens produce the same sized eggs?

I think that’s all I have to say about eggs. And chickens.

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