Jerry Nadler explains what’s going on

Jerry Nadler is my congressman.

It’s long been my observation that he is the perfect representative for me and my district. His political views, his ideas about governance, his values — whatever that means — are very much ours.

It should make sense that most congresspeople more closely represent the views of their constituents than do their senators, who have to respond to a greater variety of views and needs.

In that regard, Jerry is indeed our perfect representative. And now that he’s been elevated to an unusually powerful position in the one segment of our government that isn’t collapsing, it’s worth listening to him.

John Harwood, on CNBC, interviewed Jerry about impeachment, about Trump, about everything that’s landed on his head. For all of you passionate over what’s been happening, read the interview. Jerry is clear and substantive, tells you when he isn’t sure of something, lays the whole picture out in all its complexity and awfulness. He’ll give you much more to think about than rage over.

Most of all, I think you’ll see what a great representative is — an honest, intelligent and thoroughly experienced person, someone who loves working in government and feels that his greatest task is to preserve and advance our democratic system, for the abiding benefit of those of us who put him in that office.

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