“Judge Bars Expert’s Testimony on Stop-and-Frisk Deterrent Value”

To me, the stop-and-frisk lawsuit against the City of New York and NYPD, filed by New York’s Center for Constitutional Rights, is hugely important. As do many people, I believe that the NYPD’s “random” stop and frisk policy is unconstitutional.

The case has a highly intelligent judge on the bench. Read the whole article by New York Times reporter Russ Buettner for Hon. Shira Scheindlin’s opinions, and the status of this powerfully significant lawsuit.

(Again, I say if the City wants to grab illegal guns, stopping individuals and searching their pockets is hardly the way to do anything productive — and the dismal stats bear me out. The way to stop guns is to stop and search vehicles driving into the city with license plates from gun-crazy states that sell them openly.)

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