“Judge calls Carnegie Deli manager ‘shyster of smoked meat’”

The manager of the Carnegie Deli is the “shyster of smoked meat,” a seething judge said Wednesday.

Source, Daily News: Judge calls Carnegie Deli manager ‘shyster of smoked meat’

I was wondering why I got a search string this morning for Carnegie Deli. Until I picked up the Daily News and found that this case–actually, many many cases in one–is as overstuffed as a Carnegie Deli sandwich plate.

Gotta give it to Judge Matthew Cooper, who outpuns the Daily News when he calls Sanford Levin, “This is like the shyster of smoked meat.” And a few more things Judge Cooper said:

“(He’s a) rapacious person who not only deprived workers of their livelihood — guys who cut the meat and washed the dishes,” Cooper said.

“Even worse he steals gas from Con Edison and endangers not only anyone who came to the building but anyone in Midtown Manhattan!”

Of course, when you read the whole article (I do advise it because, well, it’s fun-ish [see Judge Cooper quotes aboves] and the Carnegie is still closed due to that little Con Ed problem, so you’re not going to have fun going there) you might get confused by the menu of lawsuits that must be listed under the Carnegie Deli heading:

How many lawsuits?


Slam on Rye

Closed by Con Ed




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