Judge Judy called!

Well, not Judy Sheindlin herself. But her associate producer, the one who wrote that really enticing invitation letter a month ago. She left a message on my phone.

She sounds very warm and very nice and not at all pushy. Nor does she sound apologetic. She wants to discuss my Small Claims case further.

I’m wondering: with all the Small Claims Court cases in this naked city, why is Judge Judy calling about mine? There’s nothing about the one-page filing in my case which should excite anybody’s interest, any more than any other Small Claims case.

I’m really tired tonight. Been schlepping laundry around the neighborhood and now that I’ve indulged myself by purchasing high-quality, high-thread count sheets, I can report that they are a hell of a lot heavier than low-quality, who-knows-what-the-thread-count-is anyway sheets. (What IS a thread count? And why does it weigh as much as medieval armor?)

Knocked me out. I mean, tired me out. It suddenly occurs to me that we who do not have housekeepers or in-home washer-dryers are not meant to buy high quality heavy sheets.

So anyway, re Judge Judy: I’ll call back maybe tomorrow and explain why I won’t be accepting her invitation. I feel sort of bad; she really won’t have the time for my somewhat complex analysis. Maybe I’ll try to keep it short.

But harken unto this post, ye who want to go to L.A. and be yelled at by Judge Judy on national TV! File a claim in Manhattan’s Small Claims Court and I bet you too will get a letter and follow up call from Kim Weisberg.

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