“Judge Scheindlin’s Case”

Judge Shira Scheindlin has filed an appeal of the Second Circuit decision that removed her from the group of civil rights cases against the NYPD’s stop and frisk policies.

The editorial emphasizes that the City, which filed the appeal in the first place, did not ask the panel to remove Judge Scheindlin from these cases. The panel just made that really offensive (and not well researched) decision on their own. Three guys, by themselves, making up a back-room reason to do something they weren’t asked to do.

This is a reasoned editorial on a reasoned appeal, filed by Judge Scheindlin’s lawyer, Burt Neuborne, from NYU’s Brennan Center. The brief asks that the entire Second Circuit bench hear and reverse the three-panel Second Circuit decision.

I’m not feeling so reasoned, as you all know. I am very angry and am tempted to place this story under the category The Global War Against Women.

Judge Scheindlin’s Case – NYTimes.com.

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