Judge suggests NY AG investigate modeling agencies

Here’s the Daily News link to this interesting story: EXCLUSIVE: Judge informs state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to probe lawsuit from NYC models claiming their agencies did not pay them – NY Daily News.

Interesting, because this class action lawsuit − apparently models, as workers, can also be a class − against modeling agencies for underpaying their models, i.e., cheating them, was recommended to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman by a New York Supreme Court Justice Peter Sherwood, who suggested, via an unusual letter to Schneiderman, that the AG investigate this as a potentially criminal matter also. That is, the judge isn’t saying, hey, Mr. AG take this case off my hands. He’s saying that what he sees of the matter might not be only a civil prosecution.

Let it be noticed by defendants sued in a civil matter that some civil cases can also, and simultaneously, be investigated and prosecuted as criminal cases.

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