Juicy Judge Judy

From today’s Daily News, via Nancy Dillon:

Judge thyself, Judy!

Judge Judy is accused of paying just $50,815 for $514,421 worth of Christofle china and flatware from her producer, Randy Douthit, even though she knew his wife, whom he was divorcing, had equal ownership of the property.

Douthit’s estranged wife, Patric Jones, said Judy Sheindlin knew about the split and a court order requiring Douthit to return the china and flatware, but has yet to cough up the luxury goods.

The tart-tongued TV personality shot back, “I don’t owe this lady a cent.”

And didn’t I just remind everyone about Mrs. Valerie Scarwater and asset hiding in her divorce case?

I suppose although Judge Judy wanted my Small Claims case on her show, so she could yell at me from her high bench, she doesn’t read Sidebar. Tsk tsk Judge Judy.

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