Just went on a quick trip…to Tokelau

Yes, Tokelau. If, like me, you never heard of it before, you’ll want to know where it is.

Way the hell away from anywhere. I believe the global area in which it floats is called Polynesia. Tokelau has some relationship to New Zealand, which has a four-year plan for it. It’s a non-governing entity but has government. Very mysterious.

Tokelau consists of three atolls and around 1500 residents.

The greatest mystery is how people reside on atolls. Yet, in one picture, one of the atolls has what looks like a planned village plunk in the middle of it. Well, it’d have to be in the middle, sharing space with the internal lagoon, because there isn’t any more to it, except beach.

Yet, yet…according to my monthly stats (almost 300,000 hits in August), someone (or five someones) from Tokelau hit this blog! I am nonplussed as well as pleased.

Also in the nonplussary department, I had hits from St. Pierre and Miquelon — and Wallis and Futuna Islands visited me. Again.

I’m feeling sort of honored. Places I’ve almost never heard of have possibly heard of me. It means something, doesn’t it?

All four or more of you are very welcome. Come visit my blog any time and I will try to keep up with you.

P.S. Same to the three Faroe Islands hitters.

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