Just when I thought I was overcoming Twitter…

I swear to you, just this morning I was doing my first Twitter run of the day, scrolling down and yawning.

And I was thinking, geez, this is good. I’m getting bored with Twitter!

I felt such an immense relief. Because Twitter is, as many people have noted, pretty addictive.

I suspect a lot of those people are addicted to seeing whether their follower numbers have gone up, or how many likes or forwards they get. Egos.

Not me. I have noticed that since I’ve been writing stuff about “libertarianism” and Nancy MacLean’s great, scary history, Democracy in Chains, I’ve been getting “notifications” from “libertarians.” They do seem to be a committed cult, bidden by their masters to slam anybody who criticizes them…and I am small potatoes in this world.

I have also noticed that the “libertarian” defenders all seem to be white men, and they jump like bouncing toys to the attack of any woman who challenges their elaborately fake politics.

However, I’ve managed to read these “notifications” without blinking, and usually without responding.

Ergo, I was sure I was conquering Twitter.

Until this. Which I saw first on…well, you know.



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