“Justice delayed is justice denied”?

I wish people who express their opinions on TAFKAT, in the Times — wherever — would give up at least one bad cliché: “Justice delayed is justice denied”* when talking about Trumpists and our justice system.

Delays, as caused by Trump’s appellate activities, are built into our justice system to ensure that every application of law can be thoroughly argued openly in the courts, to protect all parties and to keep the rest of us deeply informed — not only about the cases but about the law.

Of course you can choose to tear your hair out, yell a lot, express impatience and despair, get bitter and crazy, find someone to blame, adopt a cynical stance and use clichés, i.e., identify with the MAGA aggressor.

Or you can take the time these delays give you to dig into the procedures that provide for the delays.

*Said, I learned, by William Gladstone –British prime minister in the latter part of the 19th century, when the House of Commons was elected by a minimal number of white male propertied voters, when members of Parliament had to have their own income because they didn’t get paid, and when Britain was a monarchy. Which I believe it still is.



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